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Corey Worthington - idiot or legend?

TODAY: article and audio


Jason set the tone for today’s lesson by telling us about a party he went to on the weekend where a stripper had been hired – lucky your girlfriend wasn’t there!

We then watched the video below of Corey Worthington, who became famous in 2007/2008 for his organisation of ‘the best street party ever’

what makes a great party?

is it influenced by the number of men or woman?

Kyung Suk thought that this depended on the type of party it was: ‘buck’s’ nights and ‘hen’s’ nights (the parties to celebrate before you get married) were a little different

what did/would you do for your hen’s and buck’s nights? Kyung Suk won’t tell us what she did but we’ll find out!

next class we’ll be talking about the best party you’ve ever been to


TODAY: ‘SURVIVAL’ AUDIO + cool survival video

For homework we were made to think of the one thing you couldn’t live without, or as Moa put it, the one thing you want to live with. I like the positive thinking, have a chip!

Also, welcome to Chang-Jin – the similarities between you and CJ are spooky. Hope you have a good time here 🙂

Moa decided she needed her iPod, Helen was stuck between her family and laptop, CJ chose money (such an accountant), and Chang-Jin couldn’t live without Coke Zero.

Debate time – Coke or Coke Zero? Or Diet Coke? Out of a plastic bottle, glass bottle or can? We could be here all day!

Which reminds me of some classic Beatles songs:

+ lyrics

As you can see from the pictures up top, we also played a little game of Survival! Well done to our winner Moa, who picked 10 out of the possible 12 items for survival. Would you want to participate in a game like this in real life?

Finally, we decided to visit Harry’s Cafe on Friday – here’s a link to a previous classes trip

life for sale


Today in class we discussed forgetting the past and how much your life is worth.

This was a difficult question for all of us – so many things in our life are intangible: something that is incapable of being seen or touched, like your personality or emotion.

We read about Ian Usher, a British man who sold his life on Ebay last year. He detailed the sale at the website http://www.alife4sale.com/

In this he sold his house, hobbies, and even his friendships! He’s now started ‘100 Goals in 100 Weeks’ where he hopes to raise $50 000 towards bowel cancer research and awareness.

kangaroo scrotum

CJ told us about the kangaroo scrotum/balls bottle opener and here it is!

I don’t know what to say…. lol

how on Earth did they come up with this idea? Who puts time into this sort of thing?  😉

but if you’re interested, you can buy here

Bucket List


It’s hard to say goodbye… farewell Sun Young! Enjoy yourself in Brisbane and the rest of Asia 🙂

Getting to the bucket list topic, we discussed what was on our bucket lists

CJ wants to start his own business and be remembered as a good husband. Some noble goals CJ!

Moa wants to travel to Greece, much like Joey wanted to in a previous lesson on this topic. What is it with you lot and Greece? 😉 She also wants lots of cats and dogs, and to make her parents proud. More noble goals.

And Helen continued the trend by wanting to buy her uncle a trip overseas, her parents some land and herself a year-long cruise abroad. Aren’t we all such nice people? haha


Posted on: July 2, 2009


TODAY: article and audio

Today saw us farewell Su-Jung for at least a month – don’t work too hard!

Today we focused on money. Regardless of how you feel about it, money makes the world go round.

We began by looking at some Australian currency: the $5 note, which features Queen Elizabeth on one side and Parliament House on the other.

Our currency often features important national historical figures – who is on your currency and why have they been chosen?

We also asked: have you ever lost a large amount of money?

have you ever won a large amount of money gambling?

have you ever earnt a lot of money?

have you ever spent a lot of money on a present (Christmas or birthday)?

have you ever saved up a lot of money?

To conclude we read about New Zealand fugitives Leo Gao and Cara Young, who fled the country once they realised their bank had put $6 million dollars in their account by mistake!

What would you do – would you keep the money or would you return it to the bank?

Abba – ‘Money, Money, Money’ + lyrics



Hello all!

It was interesting discussing Sydney’s, the world’s and our future today in class. Interestingly Helen, Moa and CJ would all like three kids. Some of us had thought about the sex and some hadn’t. Lucky number perhaps? 😉

We all want to be working parents – what effect will this have on our kids?

On another note it was also interesting hearing what you felt could be changed about Sydney: the internet speed and caps, the population, the drinking laws and shopping hours. We then watched the video above, about ‘sustainable Sydney’ in 2030.

We discussed ‘the 2AM lockout’ which seems to be affecting certain lifestyles quite severely. On top of this, the leader of NSW has now announced there will no new pubs or clubs to be built in Kings Cross and Oxford Street for the near future. Sydney just got a little more boring!

We also discussed the reunification of Korea- will it happen?

Finally, what are your thoughts on global warming?

Pyramids - the past

TODAY: article and audio

Following up from CJ and Moa’s fantastic stories about a memorable moment of theirs, I thought it would be good to explore our past a little bit more.

I think now would be a good time to say welcome to Helen – don’t worry, you made a good first impression 😉

We discussed whether we had changed since we were in highschool – some of us had, some of us hadn’t. At least we all seem to smile more often!

But what about those school hours in Korea? 7:30AM – 10PM? You crazy? You lot are definitely obsessed with education over there 🙂

Helen, don’t worry too much about your short-term memory, it happens to all of us, particularly CJ hehe

And how do you remember people? Is it their appearance, facial features, voice, manner of speech or their name?

What about first impressions? We got into pairs to discuss what we first thought of each other, with some very interesting answers.

In the end we all agreed – you can’t judge a book by its cover!

Looking forward to Wednesday, where we’ll discuss the future. You can find a preview of that lesson here.


Erykah Badu – Back in the Day + lyrics



Ahmad – Back in the Day



Cat Stevens – Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard

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