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Ram at Harry's
Ram, Yoon Mi, Jessica and Jiny at Harry's
At Harry's

The pictures say it all. We finally visited Harry’s! There’s not really a better way to finish your week than tucking into a Tiger (that’s a meat pie with mushy peas, mashed potato and gravy on top). Even better, it was the first time everyone in class had eaten a pie. For those of you wanting a PR Visa, that’s part of the requirement. If you’re wondering what Ram is eating, well, it’s a pie, but with mayonnaise all over it. Congratulations – you’re the first person I’ve ever seen combing a pie with mayonnaise. Anyone else eat them like this?

a Walkabout pub where 'lower-class' expats might go

Of course, the whole lesson wasn’t about eating meat pies. We had a pretty decent chat about class systems in Australia, which led us to talking about how we are perceived by our own folk when overseas. You Koreans are a friendly, humble bunch and seemed mostly accepting of each other. Even the women who smoke in public! However, as we read in the article Australians can dislike each other very much when overseas or alternatively become even more patriotic. Here’s the audio.

a good example of a boutique beer - Redoak honey ale

Finally, the topic of boutique beer came up in class. So just what is ’boutique’ beer? Well, it’s easier to say what it isn’t. It’s not produced in a massive quantity. Therefore, it is not as cheap as the majority of beer sold in this country. It does not simply taste cold and bitter, like most of the beers on tap at your local pub. In fact, it’s based around flavoursome European beers and is not like traditional Aussie beer at all. Typically it is not marketed to the ‘lower classes’ of society that we discussed in our lesson on Friday. As we found out, the ‘lower class’ are more patriotic and wouldn’t accept anything that was not Australian in nature.

The beer above is a Redoak, a locally brewed beer which has had outstanding success the last few years. It’s been Australia’s most awarded beer between 2005-2007. This beer in particular has a strong taste of honey and is obviously much sweeter than your regular VB or Carlton Draught. They have a bar/restaurant on Clarence St, just 5 minutes from our school. Anyone fancy a drink after class? 😉


Mia, Naoko and I

Sung Hee, Naoko and I

Just received these photos from Mia yesterday – good to have some memories from this great class 🙂

Need to find out where I can get a Kids Bowling for College jumper too!

On a sadder note, it’s Naoko’s last class tomorrow. She spent something like four months in this class and even if you don’t think so Naoko, your improvement is definitely noticeable. We’ll miss you!

We discussed present perfect and past simple today and you all made it seem easy. Must be the teacher 😉

Here’s the audio for the small article we read and here’s an extension worksheet if you’ve got some spare time.

Until Tuesday…

Without going into too much detail, we briefly talked about bogans’ at the beginning of class today.Bogans are perceived to be from a lower class background, so we judge their poor education, lack of culture and style of dress.

The above video features Roberta Williams, a character many people associate with ‘being a bogan’. Her husband, the man she is talking to, is Carl Williams, convicted killer and drug dealer. This scene is taken from ‘Underbelly’, a famous Aussie TV show about the underworld and gang culture of Melbourne in the 1990s. If you can’t understand what they’re saying I’ve written it down for you.

The language Roberta uses, her dress, and her broad Aussie accent are just some reasons she could be a bogan.

What a mullet

If we talk about bogans then we have to mention mullets. This picture is of William Stewart, a New Zealander who had been on the run from police for 106 days before his capture today. Notice the short sides and long, long hair at the back. Just imagine Ram, this could be you!

William Stewart was what we refer to as a fugitive, that is, someone on the run from police. Famous Hollywood actor Harrison Ford starred in a movie called The Fugitive in the 90s. He played a man wrongly convicted of murdering his wife who escapes from jail and sets out to find the person who actually did the crime. Great movie!

Finally, when we talk about mullets, bogans and ‘the working class’ in Australia, we have to mention Jimmy Barnes. The man is a legend in the music scene here. The video clip is a great definition of what a working class man in Australia is all about. We’ll talk more about him another time.

Ian Usher, the man who sold his life on Ebay

Here’s the article we read in class and the accompanying audio.

The big question: how much is your life worth?

How much would you sell your friends for?

I think we all struggled to decide how much the memories and emotional attachments we have with our friends are actually worth. When we did decide, they were certainly worth more than our jobs. No surprises there!

And Yoon Mee, I was ONLY JOKING about selling your kids 😉

EDIT: here’s a link to an article about what happened after

Today we discussed ambitions – what did you want to do as a child? what are your ambitions now? are they realistic?

Naoko wanted to be a cake-shop assistant when she was a child! Answers like that are part of the reason we explore these topics.

We watched the above video in class as an introduction to the topic. It features Kaitlyn Maher, a ridiculously cute 4-year old American girl performing on the talent show, ‘America’s Got Talent’. Her ambition, she has somehow decided, is to become a singer. Be interesting to see how that dream is going in 10 years.

Peas, potatoes, gravy. Now that's a pie

On the topic of health, it’s time to highlight some of the reasons for the obesity epidemic in Australia. We love to eat shit unhealthy food. Above is the famous ‘Tiger’ meat pie from Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Woolloomooloo. Not content with meat inside the pie, they’ve stacked mushy peas, mashed potato and gravy on top. Now that’s a pie.

Lamb, harissa and almond sausage roll. Greasy but soooo good

Here, we have the sausage roll. It comes in many styles: small, party sizes, looooong supersizes, and this, the gourmet sausage roll. Courtesy of Bourke St Bakery in Surry Hills and Broadway, this is perhaps the best roll I’ve ever eaten.

Some past students of mine, Charlie and Julie mostly agreed with me when we headed to Harry’s. If the rain allows, I dare say we’ll go there on Friday.

Charlie and I at Harry's

You are what you eat!

In class on Monday we discussed the word ‘icon’ and relevant examples in Korea and Australia.

One Australian icon is ‘Crocodile Dundee’ – he symbolises both truths and misconceptions about the typical Australian character. Regardless, he does seem like a great guy to have a beer with.

As most of you seemed unaware of the greatness of Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee, here’s a preview for the movie. It came out in the eighties.

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